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Hello, My name is Amit Pachkhande and I am a physiotherapist. I am a resident of Mumbai and for many years, I had a problem with bow legs.

I have had the problem of bow legs since childhood, and as I grew older, it became even more pronounced.

When I joined the gym at the age of 20, my legs started to develop even more, causing me to experience pain on one side of my knee multiple times.

I consulted with many doctors, but they all said that there was no need for surgery as it was natural. This left me feeling confused and depressed, as I was scared to do any activities and couldn't face people confidently. I also couldn't perform any work confidently, which led to me feeling more and more depressed.

At one point, people even started commenting on my legs, assuming that I had polio or something. These comments made me even more depressed.

Bow legs are a common condition, but they can have a negative impact on people's self-image and personal confidence. We often compare ourselves to others and feel like we are falling behind because of our bow legs.

After recovering, I was able to do everything I wanted to do and face people with confidence. I no longer felt afraid, and everything seemed much easier.

Amit Pachkhande


"I thought that since I'm doing fine now, what about other people? So, I opened this channel so that any difficulties I faced while recovering, no one else has to go through them. That's why I opened this channel, through which I can help and guide everyone in our India or all over the world, inside or outside of India."

Knock knees and bow legs are actually the same condition, but they just appear in different places on the leg. The situation is the same for both.

For anyone who is a patient of knock knees or bow legs, I will try my best to help. It is my commitment to provide complete information and assistance for surgery to all people. I will also provide support for the complications that may occur after surgery and help them in their daily lives.


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